Body By Vi 90-Day Challenge ~ Sue Bares All

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Do you ever feel like your life has gone completely off track, only to realize it was just the Universe lining things up exactly how they needed to happen?

That’s how it was for me with the Body By Vi 90-Day Challenge.

My weight issues began when I was about 6. Strangely enough, even though I had 5 older siblings and parents that were still married (at the time), I was a pretty lonely kid. My dad worked a lot, my mom was usually angry at him for it and my older siblings were off doing their own things. I spent a lot of time alone, in front of the TV, with what seemed like my only friend… food.

It wasn’t much fun being a fat kid in school… there were often giggles and remarks from other kids as I walked by. I remember stopping by a classroom to deliver a message to the teacher, only to hear the class burst out laughing as I left the room. I later found out that the teacher told the class “she should lay off the chocolate bars”. Read More »

How to Get the Net – A Brilliant Idea!

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Hellooooo!  Long time, no blog!  We’ve actually been through a pretty crazy time over the last couple months.  One of these days, we’ll fill you in on all the juicy details, but for now, I’d like to introduce you to our new brilliant idea.  But first, a funny story…

Steve and I have been working on a new Webinar series.  We’ve heard from so many of you that would like to learn from us, but just don’t have the budget for our big Attractionaires program.  So, we’ve decided to offer you our training “a la carte”.  Yesterday, I posted a question on Facebook asking for help to name our new series.  After gathering some votes and batting around a few other ideas, we settled on…

How to Get the Net Webinars

I find naming programs/services/products etc. to often be quite painstaking… and the problem is, not having a name can really hold you back from moving forward on your new idea.  So, I decided to ask the Angel Cards… hahaha, not something I ever thought I’d do, but my life has changed so drastically lately and I now find comfort and wisdom in things like Angel Cards.  So, as I was shuffling the deck last night, I asked the question “Should we call our new series How to Get the Net?”.  I shuffled and shuffled until the time seemed right to stop, picked the top card from the deck and here’s what I found…

It says “Brilliant Idea“.  I have never before even seen that card in the deck and there it was sending me the exact message I needed to hear.

So, “How to Get the Net” it is!  Our brand new series will transform your life and business and show you how to make the Internet work for you.

Upcoming topics will include “5 Ways to Make Money From Webinars”, “How to Build a List of Raving Fans That Want What You Have to Offer”, “Making the Law of Attraction work FOR You”, “How to Roll In The Dough With Facebook Advertising” and much much more.

Join us for one, two or all of them… learn only the stuff you need to learn – It’s all up to you!

Our series will begin with *Blogging with WordPress* – 60-minutes of PURE content, followed by as much Q&A and LIVE coaching time is needed.  You’ll also receive ongoing support in our private Facebook group.

Click here now to register

So again, here’s what’s included…

  • 60-Minutes of current WordPress/Blogging Training
  • 30-60 Minutes (or more) of LIVE coaching and Q&A
  • Ongoing access to our private Facebook Group
  • Recorded version if you can’t make it live or would like to review

The LIVE Webinar will be at 4pm Pacific Time on Thursday, August 11th.

Got questions?  Ask them below in the comments section.

And go NOW to sign up for the first in our “How to Get the Net” Webinar series…



Social Media Attractionaires Prelaunch Sequence

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Click HERE
to find out what we’re talking about. I KNOW you’re curious! HAHA!

The prelaunch video series has begun and it feels really good to be sending out our best work yet.  These videos are really informative and people seem to be really digging them because of the depth of information in them and our style. One comment even said we offer people information that other marketers only talk about offering.

Sue has done a fabulous job of handling all these details, and handling the people we’ve hired to make all of this happen.

We are so thankful that tons of people are commenting on our 2 videos, John Assaraf is talking about them on his Facebook Page and Janet Beckers is featuring us on her blog.  Our friend the queen of all things Facebook, Mari Smith just quoted Sue on her page because Sue is so dang smart! All the pieces of the puzzle are fitting together perfectly. We even reactivated a private Facebook Attractionaires group and ended up inviting all our Attractionaire friends.  Things are going swimmingly. I don’t know if we could even BE more excited about how things are going.

Of COURSE you want to see what all the fuss is about.  Come and check out how much information we can pack into 15 minutes for you. Time well spent.

You’ll see why we’re so very proud of this.




Product Launching – the Devil’s in the Details

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As the big day (May 17th – Launch Day) draws near, we’ve broken down for you the many details that have gone into our product launch.  Before we even started, there was a bunch of planning we had to do and it might help you to see the process we used.

Since we’re loosely using Jeff Walker’s product launch formula, we’re going do a Webinar. But saying, “do a Webinar” is like saying “build a house.” There’s a whole bunch of things that have to be done to bring about the final outcome.

The Devil’s in the Details … does this picture make you uncomfortable?

Some people start by making lists of things they need to do. We like to do a mind map because it shows not just the things we have to do, but how the different steps relate to each other. A mind map can also show how each step has sub-steps and sub-sub-steps that have to come before.

We like to use iThoughtsHD for mind mapping. It’s a great iPad and iPhone app but there are lots of good online mapping programs as well. Some good examples are and Mind Meister.

To show you how detailed our planning gets, here are just a few of the things we already have on our mind map of the Webinar:

We need to invite people to the Webinar:

Contact copywriter and get several emails written to our list of contacts.
Also write different emails designed for joint venture partners to send to their lists.
Set up emails to be sent automatically.

We’ll need Slides for the Webinar so:

We will write those and send them to our graphic designer.
We have to write our script for the Webinar.

We need a landing page where people will sign up for the Webinar:

Get copywriter to write copy for landing page.
Have web designer create the landing page.

Then there is the follow-up communication:

We’ll have our copywriter write emails to be sent out after the Webinar.
Follow-up emails to people who attend the Webinar but don’t buy our awesome product.
Follow up emails to people who do not attend the Webinar.

Because we’re selling something during the webinar:

We have to create a sales page.
Get copywriter to do copy for sales page.
Have web designer create sales page.

This is not yet complete but you get the idea. In a project like this one there’s a lot to do so it’s a good idea to organize your thoughts first. Do it by either mind mapping or creating a big To-Do list. Write down everything you can think of to complete each part of the project. You should also add due dates so you don’t run out of time. Try to be as complete as possible so you don’t end up at the eleventh hour in a panic saying OH NO, I forgot to create the new slides!

We hope this gives you an insight of what we’re up to and how you can organize yourself when you have a project like ours.

If you have any additional thoughts or suggestions, putting them in the comments would be wonderful!  And please click the “like” button too! Thanks for reading.

Use it or Lose it – Backing Up Your Blog

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You all know to back up your computer files, right? Have you ever lost valuable data that took eons to recreate? Well we sure have. And finding a simple tool that could effortlessly backup everything on our blog here, without us screwing it up, was a pretty big deal. And we’re willing to bet that if you’re coming here to learn from our us, you also have a your own blog on WordPress that needs to be backed up as well. After all, what if you’ve been blogging for a year or so and you suddenly lose it all? Pretty disastrous, right?

Do you really want to look like this cat, tearing your own hair out?

We use Hostmonster and they back up their files but they don’t do it very often plus they don’t guarantee their backups.

We finally found a great WordPress plugin called Backup Buddy. It makes the entire process so simple that we now backup our blog every day, no problem. Full disclosure here: we are an affiliate of Backup Buddy so if you buy the plugin through our link, they will pay us a few bucks – The plugin is $45 for two blogs and $75 for up to 10 blogs. Being an affiliate is something you can do as well to make a few extra dollars. Just recommend a product like we just did.

To get a custom URL like ours, we recommend a plugin called redirection. It renames the link with your brand or your name. Just search for it from your WordPress dashboard.

So what are you waiting for? Play it safe and backup your blog! Chances are that backup will come in handy. It already has for us.

And of course, comments make our world go WOOHOO!

Look Behind You and Dress Up Your Videos

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When you’re setting up to make your videos, one of the first things to think about is what’s going on behind you. Sure, people should be watching you but they’ll also see the background. What they see or don’t see is important. Ever notice how often lawyers pose in front of a bookcase full of law books? A chef will usually be standing in a kitchen. A “doctor ” is often seated at a desk. The background should be appropriate for what you’re talking about. If your business involves a product, you may want a product display either behind you or next to you. One caution, you shouldn’t set up where there’s an entire room behind you. If you do, it will just look like a big dark cave unless you have ten TV lights to brighten it up. Better to stand in front of a wall, curtain, bookcase or other solid backdrop.
Sue and Steve on Ted Talks
(Some day Sue and I will do a TED Talk. What a glorious background!)

We solved the problem very simply. We sent our logo to a printer and had them make the 3′ x 5′ poster you often see behind us. You’ve seen it, or some part of it in almost every one of our videos. We like it because it has pleasant colors and it’s not distracting, plus, it’s our brand and it never hurts to reinforce that. When we do training, we move closer to the poster so you see only some of the lettering. So, if you have a professionally designed logo you might want to make your own poster for a low cost, effective backdrop. Another great idea is to go to a fabric store and pick out a nice looking piece of fabric that you can just pin to the wall. It’s amazing what a difference a good looking backdrop will make to the quality of your videos. We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas on backdrops too… make sure to click “like” and leave your comments below.

Time to Step it Up a Notch (Behind the Scenes with Sue and Steve Day 79)

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On Day 79 of our Behind the Scenes of a Product Launch Video Series and today we talk about stepping it up a notch by doing some of our new videos in a professional studio.

And as it turned out, we loved the experience, but we weren’t really happy with our results… more on that later!

These are a Few of Our Favorite Things (on the Internet)

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We’re going to give you some insider stuff here – little programs and tools we’ve found that make doing business online easier for us. We’re always checking out the latest cutting edge software and it’s really cool to find ones that help us out in a big way. Today we want to give you five of our favorites so you can start using them in your own online business.

Sond of Music pic

The first is Jing. Its purpose is simple – it captures what’s on your screen, whether video or still shots. We’ve found Jing really handy when we’re doing a tutorial or a training piece and we need to insert a screen shot to illustrate what we’re talking about. Jing makes that process very quick and easy. You can also use Jing to capture a short piece of video. For instance, if you’d like to show how your product works in action, this would do the trick. Jing has a free version (we love free!) and a pro version that costs about $15 a year.

One of the biggest questions every internet entrepreneur asks is: How well is my website working? We found a great analytics service called Get Clicky. It not only answers your big question, it can show you what’s happening on your website as it’s happening! How cool is that? It’s like having an actual store and watching customers as they browse the merchandise. There are other analytics services but Get Clicky is one of the most user friendly we’ve found. You can learn how many people are visiting your site, how long they stay, how many actions they take, what they order, even who they are and where they live. This is really great feedback when you’re trying to fine tune your blog to get the best response and the most sales.

Tungle is a great free scheduling tool, that we use because we have a lot of meetings, client calls and appointments. It keeps track of them and connects to our computer calendars so there’s never any double booking. Tungle allows us to offer several available meeting times to someone based on our calendar. When they accept, Tungle automatically updates the calendar. But if they choose a time we have booked, Tungle will show that. So there’s never a double booked time! Cool, huh? We need all the organizing we can get and Tungle really helps.

Mind mapping, if you haven’t gotten into it yet, you should. It’s one of our favorite tools of all. We use it all the time to plan things like our upcoming launch. Sue’s favorite mind mapping tool is iThoughts for the iPad. It’s easy to use and lays out all your steps, plans, options and goals in a clear graphic format. Another one called Mind 42 (mind for two) is very handy if you’re mind mapping with another person participating.

We’re always on the lookout for great programs, software and websites so we can recommend the best ones to our friends. Give these a try if you like and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section below!

And I just googled the title of our blog post to look for a Mary Poppins picture. Lo and behold, I found a video of my favourite new band…. Pamplamouse, doing a fabulously entertaining and different cover of the same song. Hope you enjoy it!

These are a Few of Our Favorite Things

It’s Easy to Make Great Videos – Sue and Steve Show YOU

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The more senses you involve in a presentation, the more attention it gets. Printed media involves only sight and audio recordings involve only hearing. Video is the all-time champ – it involves both the eyes and the ears, plus the added interest of motion. And even better than eyes, ears and motion, you can FEEL emotion coming from presenters, whether it’s happiness, passion or angst. This is why you should absolutely be doing videos in your online marketing. The tools are not expensive and learning the technology has never been easier. Videos are a really fabulous way to change your business from a name into a personality… yours!

Video Recording

If you’re making videos all the time, like we are, simple and easy works great. For instance, you don’t need an expensive camera. A webcam works great. We use the built-in iSight in Sue’s MacBook Pro. If you’re on a PC, we recommend the Logitec Pro 9000. The best part about webcams is you can see yourself while your recording, which makes it much easier to know you’re getting a good picture. If you want to shoot outdoors, small portable cameras like the Flip HD (although they’ve just closed up shop) or the Kodak Zi8 will work great. The video cams in your smart phone are a really great option too.

For indoor recording, use decent lights and choose a setting that’s interesting but not distracting. A blank wall is boring, a bookcase, much nicer. Our main backdrop is a large sign with our logo on it and it’s always recognized as Sue and Steve. The key is to have a setup you don’t have to spend an hour putting together each time.

Try to shoot efficiently. We do most of ours in one take, can you tell? Just put your notes on a cue card and go. You don’t need to be perfect, just be you. But always begin and end with a big smile. Hold your smile at the end to give yourself room to clip off the end.

After shooting, upload to your editing software. For editing we like iMovie (for Macs) or Windows Moviemaker (for PCs). They’re both relatively easy to learn and simple to use. You’ll want to trim off extraneous stuff at the beginning and end and cut out places where you had to stop for a bit. Try to do as little editing as possible to keep it simple!

Next, you need to export your video in a format that works on YouTube. Depending on your software it may be an M4V, MP4, MOV or a WAV. Any of these will work fine.

When you upload to YouTube, words are important. The headline you use should be clear and obvious. You want to have something that shows up in searches and people really want to click on. When we titled our video “How we let $100,000 slip through our fingers” a lot of people clicked on it… and continue to do so. Add tags that all relate to the subject of your video – that’s how the search engines find you. You’ll be given a choice of three thumbnails so make sure you choose the one that looks the best.

The last steps are posting and syndicating. You’ll want to post your video on your blog with the embed code from YouTube. Syndicating is how you get maximum exposure all over the internet for your video. We syndicate using the Networked Blogs application on Facebook and that sends it out to Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In. We also sometimes use Tubemogul or Traffic Geyser.

All of this may seem like a lot of steps but after you’ve done them a few times, they’ll be second nature. It only took us a few weeks before we had it down to a system. Plus, the more videos you do, the better you get at doing them. Before long you won’t be nervous at all when the camera is on and your great personality will come shining through. So hurry up & hit the record button! And be the star you’ve always known you are!

Joint Venturing For Big Results

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One of the things we are all about at the Sue and Steve Show is helping you get the most exposure with the least effort. A great way to do that is to sort of hitchhike on other people’s lists. You’ll get your message in front of a lot more potential contacts and all you pay is a percentage of the money you take in. You do that by affiliating with Joint Venture (JV) partners; they are an excellent source of new business.

JV to computer pic


The ideal JV partner is someone who’s established online, has a good sized mailing list and has a business that’s compatible with yours. For instance, if you’re selling landscape services, an ideal JV partner might be someone who’s marketing flower seeds and tulip bulbs.

When you don’t have a large mailing list, getting a JV partner can suddenly double, triple or quadruple the reach of your marketing. We know our progress could have been faster, if we’d known the value JV partners and especially, how to go about attracting them.  On the other hand, we also know everything happens for a reason and how we have several awesome partners we’re excited to be working with.  We also made a video about attracting JV partners if you want to learn more about it.

Finding Joint Venture Partners (Behind the Scenes of a Product Launch Day 5)

We have also discovered that finding an ideal JV partner and getting them to work with you is not like going to the store and picking cans off the shelf. You have to help them get to know you and become interested in you. Since you’re asking them to do something for you, you should have something you can offer to do for them. You’ll also need to show how your business is compatible with their list of people but doesn’t compete. So it’s good to have a very persuasive description of your business ready to go.

Fortunately there are websites that make the process easier. We recommend a site called because their tools make it easy to get going right away. You’ll want to go to the section titled “Affiliate Program Management.” We now use Infusionsoft which is the Cadillac of customer management software and includes affiliate management. It’s very powerful and meets all our needs perfectly. However it takes awhile to learn. We spent about three weeks getting the hang of it but now we love it.

A final note: once you connect with a willing affiliate you’ll need to have a dynamite product or program ready to market. You’ll also need plenty of marketing support materials to provide, like a dedicated series of emails written by copywriting pros, or at least a great writer who has had success before.  Never supply your JV partner with substandard material.  They won’t be nearly as inclined to do everything you ask of them and may in fact feel less willing to work with you ever again.  Make sure you really have convincing, well-written copy.

AND once you get established and you have a large list of your own, people will be coming to you for affiliate programs. By using your list to promote them, you can create a new income stream with very little effort.