# Inspirational


An inspirational post for you all, that’s what I’d like to do for you all today. I am quite pleased that, so far, you have all been enjoying our posts. Thanks for all the lovely comments so far, we really appreciate it and it is highly motivating for us too. We like to believe that we are doing something worthwhile and that we are helping out. I had an online chat with my editor the other day and while she expressed her pleasure at our work so far, she wondered whether we could not spoon our readers with more factual information.

Aye that I agreed to do wholeheartedly. There is potential here, I thought. I am resolute with my theme for today. So, here’s what I’ll do. I’m going to juxtapose my own emotions with what others, qualified or as laymen and women, have to say about how to live a great life. I am going to put my neck out here and bet you that after my random reading on what others have to say about the great life we should all be living, health and fitness will come up trumps.

Purely for professional reasons, names will be changed where necessary. So, here goes then. Let’s see what others have to say for a change.


Two or more things settle the score as far as health and fitness are concerned, and in relation to living a great life. Right at the top of Rob’s list of recommendations is; exercise daily. He also says to drink plenty of water and eat less food. And he says one should get up at five am every morning. Well, how about that then. Rob, I fully concur. By eating less food, Rob, of course, does not mean that you are going to be starving yourself from this day forward.

He is merely stating a (hidden) fact that after switching to a wholesomely healthy and balanced diet, you will inevitably end up eating less food. I like Rob’s suggestion on getting up earlier than usual in the morning, but you do not need to take this literally. It may take quite a while for you to adjust your body clock from its usual 7 am rising time to that of 5 in the morning. More importantly, you still need to be sleeping eight hours a night.


Trish seems to be emphasising more on the secrets to having a great life. I cannot see what is so secretive about that. Most of the time, we may have been blinded and the common sense answers were always in front of us. I have only one disagreement with what she said. She seems to believe that one should ditch our goals and focus more on our values. So sorry, Trish, in this day and age, we must have goals in life.

Health and fitness levels can only be improved if you have a visionary but realistic set of goals in front of you to work towards. Values are, of course, still important, but they should coincide with achieving your goals in life. I do, however, like what she had to say about passion. Health and fitness objectives will have successful outcomes if you are passionate about achieving new levels of good health and physical condition.

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