# Health & Fitness


Creating a healthy balance in life should be one of your most important goals in life. That is the sum of those parts in the sense that when embarking on a new path towards all-encompassing health and fitness, from a previously disadvantaged life of obesity, leading innately sedentary lives and being highly strung and chaotically disorganised in the workplace, it is essential to plan your daily and weekly life forward from the day you decide to start like a well-informed research and development technician.

Of course this does not mean that you are going to be going all scientific. You are not about to become a lab rat, but you are going to be going through some periods of great trial and error, never trials and tribulations as pessimists would have it. Pessimists in general are not healthy people. They already have chaos in their lives and sometimes even choose to dwell in it. Perhaps like some of you (and Steve and me), they do come from traumatised backgrounds of playing catch-up with others who were always in far better shape than we were at the time.

I’d like to make my own small contribution in regard to clearing up the ongoing confusion related to the actual meaning of the phrase ‘health and fitness’. Health and fitness, it must be remembered, are two separate things. Fitness is to do with your physical condition mainly and the exercises that will be followed to help improve your fitness levels. Health, on the other hand, is more in the line of the wellness concept, something which I have been tasked with chatting about in a later post.

Health deals with everything, basically. It deals with your fitness training and physical conditioning targets. And it also deals with the things you must eat to stay in shape and keep your body healthy. More importantly, perhaps, health deals with your inner being. It deals with your mental and spiritual conditioning and to get to the stage where you can declare that you are physically and mentally healthy (and strong) requires a little strategising on your part and ideally with the help of professionals, particularly if you are emerging from a state of morbid obesity and/or illness as a result of unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Balancing health and fitness requirements, particularly if you are doing this for the first time, requires a fine balancing act all on its own. The serious act is not a matter of walking the tightrope. It is a more encouraging process of motivating yourself to set new goals and targets and reassuring yourself that, once those realistic goals have been set, they can be met. You do not need a do or die approach and just remember that the old myth of ‘no pain, no gain’ no longer applies to successful fitness regimes, because strictly speaking, they just don’t work.

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