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My previous contribution mentioned good old fashioned housekeeping can be used in a big way to get you in to shape and help create an overall healthy persona for yourself. Relax, ladies, I am not about to start instructing you on housekeeping. Oh, and that includes you too, guys. Gone are the days when the women do all the chores inside while you sit about relaxing in front of the TV with your remote and potato crisps.

It is all about mutual respect for one another. Share the workload, guys. Go fifty-fifty with the woman that you love. Remember what my husband said to you earlier. You guys naturally have more muscle on your bodies than the ladies. From time to time, there is going to be a need to do some heavy lifting, but without breaking your backs please. My husband may have already mentioned that to you, lifting excess heavy weights, unnecessarily really does more damage than good.

Here I am just going to give you a brief philosophical overview on what the natural health approaches to life entail. You may find whether I mention this later or not, that in terms of natural health approaches, there is always going to be an emphasis on including daily or regular exercise and eating a healthy, balanced diet. Mental health is possibly something to leave for a later post in which Steve will be having a similar chat with you, this time on wellness.

Natural health achieves balanced life outcomes. Apart from regular exercise, good eating, sleeping and living habits, natural health is influenced subconsciously on personal beliefs and/or faith. I find that the healthiest and fittest men and women around have all come from a trying background of never giving up on their transformation from being dangerously obese to being physical fit. In terms of treatments and remedies, especially when these are needed to treat illnesses and injuries, natural health relies, quite simply, on nature, and far less, if at all, on clinically prescribed treatments.

Until recently, the perception has always been that natural health as it was understood in western societies mainly has always leaned on ancient eastern practices. That perception is partially correct, but not entirely. I maintain, and Steve agrees with me on this, and as I just mentioned a moment ago, natural health implementation becomes a successful practice when it is informed by personal resolution and self-confidence.

It is also a matter of conscience, as in always listening to your body and responding positively to what it is trying to tell you – is it feeling lethargic perhaps, or is it really feeling wow – and common sense. There is no need to rely on a bible of health, as it were, and just a little light reading on the basics sets one on the correct path in utilising natural health practices successfully in one’s daily life. Apart from demystifying ancient eastern practice there is absolutely no truth to the lie that natural health practices and its inherent treatments and remedies relies heavily on mystic, heathen practices.

There is some mind to body strategies involved but as I mentioned earlier, let Steve focus on the mental aspect in his post. Stress management techniques are definitely an important part of the natural health processes. Ultimately, natural health practices strive to create a complete balance for the human body, heart and soul although this is never entirely achieved. I am not a big fan of science fiction nor am I a fan of relying completely on science to solve our mental and physical health problems. Our hearts, minds (and souls) and bodies are more than capable of solving our problems just as our ancient ancestors had been doing for centuries and thousands of years. Yes, it is true that prehistoric men and women did not live to a ripe old age as we are capable of doing today, but you must understand and appreciate the hostile environments they were living in at the time.

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