About Sue and Steve

Hi there, Sue and Steve here. Welcome to our blog on health and fitness, natural health approaches, wellness and basically just living a great life. As a couple, we’re taking a personal approach to everything that we publish for you here. As a team, we’ll be working in tandem and sharing the load. Expect to read posts from the point of view of the pair of us, and on other occasions from either one of us. We like to believe that through providing you with more than one voice, we’ll be keeping our blog narratives on health, fitness, wellness, natural alternatives and healthy choices for both our and your lives as interesting as possible.

We’d also like you to relax. We’re never assuming the worst, but even if it were so, let’s assume for the moment that you’re a sedentary reader, heavily overweight, always tired and even feeling a lot of discomfiture whenever you head off to go and grab a bite to eat. We’re here to motivate you and we begin this motivational blog with one big, great and happy cheer to all of you who have finally decided to take the positive plunge in line with completely overhauling your life for your own good. Yes, it will be hard going in the beginning, that’s something we won’t keep from you, but let us assure you that after the first few weeks and months of sticking it out, you’re really going to start feeling great.

Before we close this About Page with more personal thoughts and motivations, let us briefly outline our thoughts on what we’re planning to post for you in the near future. See the first couple of posts as something as an introduction to Sue and Steve. Discover what makes them tick. Perhaps you’ll also learn how they managed to overhaul their lives for the better. You know, we weren’t always this fabulous looking. So again, relax, we know exactly how you feel. Been there and done that.

Sue will be chatting about health in general. She’ll also be sharing her thoughts on natural approaches towards achieving good health. Sue will be sharing with you some healthy thoughts on what’s going on in her kitchen these days. There’ll also be an important conversation on the intricate balancing acts required to ensure that both health and fitness regimes do not overwhelm or harm you. Then Steve will be extending the conversation on natural health remedies.

He’ll also be sharing some of his own personal fitness tips and new health and fitness discoveries. Steve will be propagating the importance, more motivational really, of switching over to a wholly organic way of life. He’ll also be talking about the still new concept of wellness. Sue will be having a go at putting together a wellness strategy for you. So, once more guys can we ask you to relax and not bite your fingernails.

There are natural remedies for nervous conditions. And besides, there’s nothing to be nervous about. All that you’re about to discover here, and about yourself, is entirely good for you and will do you no harm whatsoever. Apart from taking note of expert advice, all you need to do is listen to your body, and right now your body is asking for a radical change.