# Sue and Steve


Couple running on the beach

Hi guys. Go through our About Page again and you’ll see that we mentioned that we weren’t always firm, fit, happy and healthy, as the case is now. Like you will be beginning only now, we also had to start from scratch and begin a new life. Because, in today’s times, that’s what it takes to become holistically healthy and happy all around. Fortunately, we’ve had each other to contend with from day one. It was never a case of just one going out for a jog in the morning while the other still lay in bed to catch another hour of shuteye before heading off into the smog-filled traffic for another day of hard grinding in the city.

We had each other from day one and were able to motivate each other towards peak condition, unprecedented fitness levels and animated discussions about what to chow for breakfast, lunch and supper, and everything else in between. When we met each other, we were ravenous. We were greedy for each other and couldn’t take our eyes off of each other. In the first, few short months of our dating escapades, one of our favorite things to do together was to go out for a night of ribs, prime steaks and you do not want to know what else.

It’s not important at this stage. Just know that we gave it all up. Another thing we liked to do was meet up at the mall every other weekend, and after wearing ourselves and our charge cards out, we’d head off to the food courts, sit down and gorge ourselves on our favorite choice burgers, fries and sodas. Before you knew it, by the time we were in the car park, we were gasping for breath. We wondered whether our parcels were too heavy, but after dodging the traffic, we headed off home and slept it all off.

It was usually a fitful nap with the week’s worries still playing heavily on our minds. By the time we were out of our slumber, our tummies were grumbling and we were already flipping through the order menus, thinking what to order for takeouts before our traditional night of indulgences in front of our big screen TV. Steve was more excited by the next day’s events. Or did he have to wait impatiently until Monday nights for the ball game and his night out with the boys.

Oh, I can’t really remember. He also had his card nights with his pals. But don’t you worry; Sue had her fun nights with her girlfriends too. But by the time they were good and married, greeting each other in a rush every morning before heading off in opposite directions for work, it was already downhill for them. Weekends became miserable ends for us. The house was a mess and both of us too tired to get to the chores ended up having silly arguments about who does what around the place.

Our clothes couldn’t fit properly and we started to look ridiculously average American, squeezing ourselves into rags that could just about fit us and what we could afford. We had debts to pay. Finally, our bubble burst and we decided that enough was enough. Time to get fit and healthy. And happy too.