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For a lot of people the minute they take a look at a smoothie that’s green is their stop sign to walk away and not even consider trying it. Also, many people still shy away from kale so I understand how far away they might want to get from smoothies with kale. Right, now however, I’d like to try and help you get over that hurdle when it comes to kale and smoothies with kale.

3 Simple Tips for Great Smoothies

Before you start any recipe for smoothies with kale or anything, here are a few simple tips to help you make it easier to make great smoothies.

  1. Always put your liquid in first. By doing this your blender blades are going to move more freely. Then you can add your veggies and/or fruit.
  2. Start off slow. If your blender has a variety of different speeds it’s best to start off on the lowest speed to help break up the fruit and veggies then up the speed to high.
  3. Finally, if you feel you added too much liquid then thicken it up with a few ice cubes.


I’ve done some searching and feel that I’ve found some pretty good recipes for smoothies with kale that actually might change a few minds when it comes to smoothies with kale.  This first one is actually a green smoothie that doesn’t even come close to having a “green” taste. It’s also kind of pretty. This is a super power packed smoothie that really doesn’t even taste like it’s healthy, so I highly suggest that you at least give it a shot.


Pineapple, Strawberry & Kale Smoothie


1 ½ cups of fresh strawberries

½ cup of milk

1 tablespoon of honey

1 cup of chopped kale

½ cup of chopped pineapple

1 chopped banana

½ cup of apple juice




  1. Combine your strawberries, honey, milk, and ½ cup of ice in your blender and blend until smooth. Set this mixture aside.
  2. Next combine the kale, banana, pineapple, juice and another ½ cup of ice and blend these ingredients until smooth and set this mixture aside.
  3. Pour the strawberry mixture into a glass and then immediately top it off with the kale mixture.

This next smoothie is one of those smoothies with kale that is green but it has a very popular ingredient in it that many people enjoy and that’s peanut butter. This also contains a variety of fruit that helps take the edge off the kale.

Smoothie With Peanut Butter, Fruit & Kale


1 cup of chopped kale

1 cup of low fat milk

1 tablespoon of peanut butter

½ cup of chopped apple

½ cup of frozen mixed fruit

2 teaspoons of honey or Splenda

2 teaspoons of cinnamon



Add the chopped kale and milk to your blender and blend these two until it’s smooth. Add all the rest of your ingredients and blend until nice and frothy and smooth.

Here’s a really simple recipe for smoothies with kale that should please because of course, it’s made in combination with delicious strawberries and who doesn’t love strawberries?

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Hello, this is Sue and Steve speaking from the bottom of our healthy hearts. We’re very keen to get you to experience the same pleasures of being fit and healthy that we’ve been enjoying for the last couple of years.

Today, as a couple and because we’ve seen what it’s like to always be healthy and happy, we’ve become advocates for not just basic health and fitness but male and female health and fitness as well.

We mean to say that it would really be smashing if you could get your loved one to join you on a new drive towards looking and feeling great with flat stomachs, strong stomach muscles and equally attractive strong biceps and calf muscles as well. It would be stunning if you could encourage the one you love to join you in the kitchen to start preparing healthy and wholesome meals that are not just good for your cardiovascular health but are equally scrumptious as comforting meals which can only be enjoyed as loving couples know.

And while you’re seated at the dinner table, you’ve lighted those candles too. You’ve also lighted a little incense which does not overpower your senses to the degree that it interferes with your ability to enjoy every morsel of your greens and meat. Your green vegetables are now only organic. Your meat has a lot less fat in it than before. This is because the (red) meat you’re now eating together is grain-fed, fresh from the farm.

The benefits of exercising together as a couple cannot be explained any better other than to say that it is absolutely fabulous and we hope that we’ve spurred you on with this little play with words. Being wholesomely healthy and fit has allowed us to creatively explore new avenues in life which have led us onto the garden path towards the epitome of wellness. When we got together as a couple, we made a commitment that we would stay together for as long as realistically possible in order to cement our love for one another.

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My previous contribution mentioned good old fashioned housekeeping can be used in a big way to get you in to shape and help create an overall healthy persona for yourself. Relax, ladies, I am not about to start instructing you on housekeeping. Oh, and that includes you too, guys. Gone are the days when the women do all the chores inside while you sit about relaxing in front of the TV with your remote and potato crisps.

It is all about mutual respect for one another. Share the workload, guys. Go fifty-fifty with the woman that you love. Remember what my husband said to you earlier. You guys naturally have more muscle on your bodies than the ladies. From time to time, there is going to be a need to do some heavy lifting, but without breaking your backs please. My husband may have already mentioned that to you, lifting excess heavy weights, unnecessarily really does more damage than good.

Here I am just going to give you a brief philosophical overview on what the natural health approaches to life entail. You may find whether I mention this later or not, that in terms of natural health approaches, there is always going to be an emphasis on including daily or regular exercise and eating a healthy, balanced diet. Mental health is possibly something to leave for a later post in which Steve will be having a similar chat with you, this time on wellness.

Natural health achieves balanced life outcomes. Apart from regular exercise, good eating, sleeping and living habits, natural health is influenced subconsciously on personal beliefs and/or faith. I find that the healthiest and fittest men and women around have all come from a trying background of never giving up on their transformation from being dangerously obese to being physical fit. In terms of treatments and remedies, especially when these are needed to treat illnesses and injuries, natural health relies, quite simply, on nature, and far less, if at all, on clinically prescribed treatments.

Until recently, the perception has always been that natural health as it was understood in western societies mainly has always leaned on ancient eastern practices. That perception is partially correct, but not entirely. I maintain, and Steve agrees with me on this, and as I just mentioned a moment ago, natural health implementation becomes a successful practice when it is informed by personal resolution and self-confidence.

It is also a matter of conscience, as in always listening to your body and responding positively to what it is trying to tell you – is it feeling lethargic perhaps, or is it really feeling wow – and common sense. There is no need to rely on a bible of health, as it were, and just a little light reading on the basics sets one on the correct path in utilising natural health practices successfully in one’s daily life. Apart from demystifying ancient eastern practice there is absolutely no truth to the lie that natural health practices and its inherent treatments and remedies relies heavily on mystic, heathen practices.

There is some mind to body strategies involved but as I mentioned earlier, let Steve focus on the mental aspect in his post. Stress management techniques are definitely an important part of the natural health processes. Ultimately, natural health practices strive to create a complete balance for the human body, heart and soul although this is never entirely achieved. I am not a big fan of science fiction nor am I a fan of relying completely on science to solve our mental and physical health problems. Our hearts, minds (and souls) and bodies are more than capable of solving our problems just as our ancient ancestors had been doing for centuries and thousands of years. Yes, it is true that prehistoric men and women did not live to a ripe old age as we are capable of doing today, but you must understand and appreciate the hostile environments they were living in at the time.

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Guys, thanks for keeping the faith, and thanks for sticking with us at this early stage of our healthy blogging journey with you. We hope that our modest nudging so far has inspired you. Feel free to ask us anything that might be niggling you at this time. If there’s expert info needed, we’ll point you in the right direction if we can. Usually, what will happen is that our content manager – the guy that’s running our blog – will pass on the info you might be after.

It’s free and it’s easy. Try this guys. Before using us to feed you with a spoon, do some of your own homework. Do some reading and research of your own. Go to the internet and use it like there’s no tomorrow. We strongly recommend this for now because you’re going to be inundated with such a wide variety of views, news, issues and opinions. Become a practiced reader so that nothing ever has to confuse you.

Incidentally, you’ll see how everything eventually ties up. Getting healthy and fit doesn’t only need expertise, motivation and research. It also takes common sense and a conscience, something we’ve all been given. Now, before there’s any further time delay, let Steve take over from here. Today he’s going to inspire you briefly on what it means to live a wholly organic life.

Thanks, Sue. Love you too. Okay, guys, it’s like this. I’m going to start in the kitchen and then hit the supermarket shelves, because that’s where most of the familiarity lies for most of you, not so. All the food that you source from your local supermarket, corner deli or country road food-stall should be organic. This basically means that everything that you’ll be buying in the future is natural. It’s also toxic free.

This means that your family’s food is free of harmful chemicals and high levels of sodium and white sugar content. The sodium is the salt. The sugar, the stuff you would normally stir into your coffee, is deceptively hidden and serves no true purpose other than to poison your body with the harmful possibility of contracting obesity and/or diabetes. We are continuing to receive negative vibes about how much more expensive organic food is than so-called normal (processed) food.

Add up your future medical bills and you’ll see that organic food and organic lifestyle habits will be a whole lot cheaper in the long run. For the time being, I recognize and understand that many of you cannot afford those healthy condiments – fresh, naturally produced fruit jams and honey, for instance – or even the fruit and vegetables that have been specifically labeled organic. It won’t be a perfect science, but there’s a way out of this quandary.

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As a healthy and happy couple we are privileged. We’re in an advantageous situation where everything you’re about to read about us is original and hopefully to the point. We’re hoping that our stories will place you in that privileged position too. Guys, note this on your pads for future reference. We’re no preachers. But because we believe in the health and fitness regime – we believe in it because we know that it works, we speak from experience too – we’ve become gentle nudgers.

We want you guys to get on the health and fitness bandwagon because we want you to be happy and healthy like we are today. Let’s not waste any more of your reading time and get straight down to the point. We know that you have got jobs to get back to. We know that many of you have family responsibilities. We also know that your tummies may be grumbling for a nice, greasy pizza or hot and spicy chili dog.

We understand. That’s okay for now. Enjoy it while it lasts. Three months from now you’ll be wondering why did you touch those horrid things in the first place. We’re motivating you today by telling you a little bit about our health and lifestyle habits as they stand. Our privileged position allows us to personalize our blog posts without having to rely too much on what health experts, dieticians and psychologists have to say about getting your life into gear.

From time to time, however, we will be referencing important points for you to use. Anyway, when we started out on our new health and fitness regime, we were the laughing stock of our neighborhood. Heaving and weaving every other evening after work, we were two roly polies, two fatty boom-booms racing each other around every sidewalk corner that was in front of us. Let them laugh, we breathed out aloud.

Today, we have the last laugh. While they’re slumbering comatose-like in front of their TV screens, we’re enjoying our own healthy and most enjoyable home entertainment in the bedroom. Sometimes, we’re doing it in the shower or the kitchen. Other times, in the living room. Why? Because we could. And because it’s healthy and good for you. Just make sure that you’re in a healthy and long-lasting committed relationship with each other.

It’s not our place to advise you further on this. It took us about six months – guys, remember this, if you’re as overweight as we were, it can take as long as this, so just be patient about your business of getting into shape – to start showing visible signs of being healthy . It took us those months to start feeling great too. And it wasn’t just the grunting and groaning and sweaty exercise that got us to this point.

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