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Hello, its Sue and Steve here again. We do hope you enjoyed our introductory post on what it means to us to be healthy, strong and fit. More importantly, perhaps, we hope that we’ve managed to begin convincing you that being healthy and fit equates to happiness. We like to believe that we’ve begun to place the emphasis on health partnerships and already believe from experience that it always promotes healthy living.

We’re really looking forward to these next few lines. We’re going to be nudging the exercise buzzer a little bit more in staking the claim that strong and supportive partnerships can make it just a little easier on others who really and truly struggle to motivate themselves to get into shape for a number of perfectly understandable reasons that are influenced by the lifestyles that many of you have either been forced into or became quite complacent with.

Over a great number of years, male and female health and fitness has taken quite a few knocks and blows. This has mainly to do with the training and dietary fads that turned out to be almost impossible for the average blokes and dames to follow.

The old school and caveman-like mentality of no pain, no gain has come and gone for good after having fallen on its glory. That’s mainly because foolhardy and overly ambitious and sometimes vain weight-trainers and marathon runners have come to realize the tragic consequences of overdoing it in the gym and on the road. The worse case scenarios have always led to debilitating injuries that have led to passionate men and women having to give up for good what was initially quite a healthy pursuit.

And those brave men and women who tried to starve themselves towards losing insurmountable pounds are now quite relieved.  Many of them now know that apart from the empowerment that knowledge brings, common sense and experience has shown that they can enjoy most of the healthy foods they love without any fears of ever picking up weight again. That’s also because they’re exercising regularly and their lifestyles are generally quite physically active.

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It seemed to be a fairly challenging prospect when first thought out, but after we all had a chat about it, our editor, Sue and myself, there really was nothing to it. It was my turn to do the blog posting and so I had to get to work. Sure, no problem, I thought. I felt a bit dim-witted in the sense that while the subject may still be fairly contentious because it is not well-known in general, I had more than enough interest and passion to team up with the knowledgeable expertise to make this post as informative as possible. With that said it’s a great topic to look at when looking at our steps towards achieving optimal health and fitness through our dietary needs.

All I can say, and argue, is that the number of natural health remedies, untried and untested, by conventional living and sedentary folks out there, are numerous. On their side of the argument in some circles has been the saying that using natural healing methods are all old wives’ tales in any case. So, what do they do when they get ill? They turn to their medical doctor for help and dutifully comply with his chemically induced prescription of drugs which may or may not work for them and also carry with it harmful side-effects.

There is a fairly good chance that natural remedies will work. We have found them to be especially effective when coupled with an organic lifestyle. All it takes is for you to try them when that occasion arises. It would be impossible for me to list all of them in this short blog post. So, what I’ve elected to do for now is just take a random list of natural remedies, list them alphabetically with a brief explanation on what they do.


Good for heartburn – While avoiding fatty meat, fried food and sweetened sodas, take the old dictum that an ‘apple a day keeps the doctor away’ to heart. Apples contain healthy acids as well as fibre. These ingredients help to fight back any juices that carry in it too much (unhealthy) acid as a result of all the other foods that are best avoided. Apples absorb stomach acids and help to restore the body’s natural pH levels.


Good for UTI (urinary tract infections) – Cranberries fight back the bacteria that cause UTI. It prevents bacteria from attaching to the bladder walls. It is recommended that as much as two glasses of cranberry juice will help prevent future urinary tract infections.


Good for tired eyes – You must have seen it many times in mostly women’s fashion and beauty magazines. Photographs of women with cucumbers over their eyes. Apart from refreshing tired eyes, it is suggested that cucumbers are a far more effective remedy than plain old ice packs. Cucumber slices only need to be placed lightly over the eyes for ten minutes to be effective. Cucumber is made up of almost one hundred percent water content. Apart from cooling the eyes nicely, it’s cold temperature (straight from the refrigerator) causes blood vessels around the eyes to constrict and helps to reduce inflammations, if any.


Good for menstrual cramps – How about a nice cup of warm ginger tea instead then, love. I can imagine myself saying this to Sue. Listen to this. Ongoing medical research is showing that ginger is as effective as prescribed or over the counter pain killers designed to relieve women of their menstrual pain. The ancient Chinese medical practitioners have been using ginger for more than just the women’s monthly periods. Ginger improves the flow of blood and reduces inflammation in the body’s muscles, particularly those lining the uterus where cramps originate.

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As a couple, we perfectly understand the excitement and enthusiasm we encounter among other couples who have just started their wonderful journeys together on their roads to health and fitness. Their excitement has been spurred from the positive sensations they begin to experience together while learning new things together.

One of the most exciting things that couples can and should be doing together is spending time with one another in the kitchen.

Now the coin has been tossed a little higher this time. Now the newly vitalized couple is not just cooking together but they’re conjuring new healthy eating plans for him and her, all based on their own, enthusiastic reading and research which, on many an occasion, they did together. Part of this enjoyable phase of research entailed visiting organic produce markets out and away from the busy hustle and bustle of their urban environments.

Home is where the heart is. We say this truly because we know it. We know this because we’ve experienced it. The heart is healthy and it’s still true that the way to a man’s heart is still through his stomach. Just ask Steve. But as Sue will tell you, there is nothing sexier than watching a man prepare mouthwateringly and nourishing meals for the one he loves. We’ve felt this and we’ve listened to other couples excitingly tell us how turning over a new green leaf has led them to falling in love all over again.

These couples and we have struck up formidable health partnerships that are destined to last a lifetime, although it must be said that being healthy in body and mind does encourage us to adopt a rational and pragmatic approach to life in which case we take nothing for granted. Over and above the euphoria of being healthy is the reality that our bodies and minds will age. But, having been together for a number of years now, we’ve also become quite used to the approaches to life that needs to inform us when adjusting our own exercise regimes and healthy eating plans.

The best way for us to introduce you to preparing and organizing yourself for a lifetime of healthy eating habits and experiences is to, part of the way; demonstrate what we’ve been doing in recent times. For instance, most of the food in our stores is tailored around what we’ll be doing in our active lives and during our training regimes during the week. For instance, if we need to go to the gym tomorrow morning for our twice-weekly weight training sessions, our diet will be focused on protein enrichment by way of our favorite meat dishes, usually made up of lean (red) meat, fish and poultry.

This short demonstration here also shows how we focus on using different food groups which carry specific benefits for our bodies. For example, our fish intake ensures that we get our necessary dose of essential omega three fatty acids, a complex compound of necessary ingredients that the human body quite miraculously cannot produce. Unfortunately, we also have to limit our intake of fish due to the fact that worldwide, fish stocks are quite scarce and in some cases, due to high pollution levels in the sea, fish now has high mercury content.

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