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Senior couple running

Hello, this is Sue and Steve speaking from the bottom of our healthy hearts. We’re very keen to get you to experience the same pleasures of being fit and healthy that we’ve been enjoying for the last couple of years.

Today, as a couple and because we’ve seen what it’s like to always be healthy and happy, we’ve become advocates for not just basic health and fitness but male and female health and fitness as well.

We mean to say that it would really be smashing if you could get your loved one to join you on a new drive towards looking and feeling great with flat stomachs, strong stomach muscles and equally attractive strong biceps and calf muscles as well. It would be stunning if you could encourage the one you love to join you in the kitchen to start preparing healthy and wholesome meals that are not just good for your cardiovascular health but are equally scrumptious as comforting meals which can only be enjoyed as loving couples know.

And while you’re seated at the dinner table, you’ve lighted those candles too. You’ve also lighted a little incense which does not overpower your senses to the degree that it interferes with your ability to enjoy every morsel of your greens and meat. Your green vegetables are now only organic. Your meat has a lot less fat in it than before. This is because the (red) meat you’re now eating together is grain-fed, fresh from the farm.

The benefits of exercising together as a couple cannot be explained any better other than to say that it is absolutely fabulous and we hope that we’ve spurred you on with this little play with words. Being wholesomely healthy and fit has allowed us to creatively explore new avenues in life which have led us onto the garden path towards the epitome of wellness. When we got together as a couple, we made a commitment that we would stay together for as long as realistically possible in order to cement our love for one another.

We’ve seen the value of doing things together. While we still take our romantic walks together in the public gardens, almost always holding hands, we’ve made some of our toughest long runs in preparation for our favorite road events and bi-annual marathons quite bearable. When the one is tired, the other can always spur him or her on. The same goes for our weight training sessions in the gym. Not meaning to boast, Sue is able to pack quite a bit of weight on her shoulders quite out of proportion to her light body weight and muscle to body ratio.

It is ill advised to bear excess weights. This can cause quite severe injuries, particularly if you are still junior participants in the weight training engine room. The good thing about doing weight training together as a couple is that we can monitor each other’s progress. While Sue is doing her bench presses, Steve can count and also ensure that the bar she is steadying in the palms of her chamois-gloved hands remains intact.

In our next blog post, we are going to continue indulging you in the joys of health and fitness partnerships. Won’t you join hands with us then?