# Healthy Lifestyle


Pop Art Athletic Man and Woman Exercising with Dumbbells. Vector illustration

Hello, its Sue and Steve here again. We do hope you enjoyed our introductory post on what it means to us to be healthy, strong and fit. More importantly, perhaps, we hope that we’ve managed to begin convincing you that being healthy and fit equates to happiness. We like to believe that we’ve begun to place the emphasis on health partnerships and already believe from experience that it always promotes healthy living.

We’re really looking forward to these next few lines. We’re going to be nudging the exercise buzzer a little bit more in staking the claim that strong and supportive partnerships can make it just a little easier on others who really and truly struggle to motivate themselves to get into shape for a number of perfectly understandable reasons that are influenced by the lifestyles that many of you have either been forced into or became quite complacent with.

Over a great number of years, male and female health and fitness has taken quite a few knocks and blows. This has mainly to do with the training and dietary fads that turned out to be almost impossible for the average blokes and dames to follow.

The old school and caveman-like mentality of no pain, no gain has come and gone for good after having fallen on its glory. That’s mainly because foolhardy and overly ambitious and sometimes vain weight-trainers and marathon runners have come to realize the tragic consequences of overdoing it in the gym and on the road. The worse case scenarios have always led to debilitating injuries that have led to passionate men and women having to give up for good what was initially quite a healthy pursuit.

And those brave men and women who tried to starve themselves towards losing insurmountable pounds are now quite relieved.  Many of them now know that apart from the empowerment that knowledge brings, common sense and experience has shown that they can enjoy most of the healthy foods they love without any fears of ever picking up weight again. That’s also because they’re exercising regularly and their lifestyles are generally quite physically active.

In this sense, we, as a couple, have also been quite fortunate because we, along with all those other couples who have teamed up together towards health and fitness and healthy eating and loving, have been empowered with the proper and qualified literary and practical resources on proper planning, progressive and proactive exercise and weight training regimes and balanced healthy eating plans.

In our next post, we’re going to be sharing some of our thoughts on balanced, healthy eating while introducing you to the early days of practically and simply ridding your cupboards and refrigerators of unwholesome processed foodstuffs and replacing it with healthy organic produce, all good for the heart and soul, and body too, of course.

There’s one more thought on healthy living as a couple that we’d like to share with you. This is both a tribute and a little encouragement to the shy couples out there. Decent, honest to goodness men and women often fall out of love as quickly as they fell in love. For other such decent folks, this tragic parting of emotional ways occurs over a number of years. This has to do with the physical side of things and what would usually happen at night in the bedroom with the door closed if there are children in the house.

Who says you only have to make love in the bedroom. Why not the kitchen too, because that’s where we’ll be heading in a moment. Sadly, the lack of libido among both men and women usually occurs because they’re in poor health and overweight. This also leads to further emotional strain and utter frustration. An active and healthy life, on the other hand, leads to couples being more friendly and outgoing with each other.