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With this post, we’re going to start from the point that you’ve already set up your blog. You’ve decided on your special niche, installed WordPress and set up the blog so that you can share your passion with the world, build a community and make money! Of course it’s a great looking site with your unique business name and a clever tag line that describes what you’re up to. One of the first tools we recommend adding to your blog is the Facebook Comments for WordPress. It’s an awesome tool that does tons to help you engage and expand your audience. A bigger audience means more chances to form good impressions with your community and create customers, right?

As people visit your blog and learn about your business, many will post comments, questions, accolades, or other input. With the Facebook Comments Plugin, each of those comments will go to that individual’s Facebook profile. Now your information is in front of all that person’s Facebook friends – a whole new group to see what you’re all about and perhaps follow the link back to your blog. They’ll learn about you and your business and like it because they like the content you shared.

Automatically, without lifting a finger, you’ve made each of those comments do double duty! This is how so many videos and blog posts go viral and yours could too! The Facebook Comment plugin can mean the difference between 10 people seeing your blog on a given day and 500 people seeing it. You can see why we think it’s a great idea that you add the Facebook Comments for WordPress. If you need help adding it to your blog, check out this great blog post here.

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