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As a healthy and happy couple we are privileged. We’re in an advantageous situation where everything you’re about to read about us is original and hopefully to the point. We’re hoping that our stories will place you in that privileged position too. Guys, note this on your pads for future reference. We’re no preachers. But because we believe in the health and fitness regime – we believe in it because we know that it works, we speak from experience too – we’ve become gentle nudgers.

We want you guys to get on the health and fitness bandwagon because we want you to be happy and healthy like we are today. Let’s not waste any more of your reading time and get straight down to the point. We know that you have got jobs to get back to. We know that many of you have family responsibilities. We also know that your tummies may be grumbling for a nice, greasy pizza or hot and spicy chili dog.

We understand. That’s okay for now. Enjoy it while it lasts. Three months from now you’ll be wondering why did you touch those horrid things in the first place. We’re motivating you today by telling you a little bit about our health and lifestyle habits as they stand. Our privileged position allows us to personalize our blog posts without having to rely too much on what health experts, dieticians and psychologists have to say about getting your life into gear.

From time to time, however, we will be referencing important points for you to use. Anyway, when we started out on our new health and fitness regime, we were the laughing stock of our neighborhood. Heaving and weaving every other evening after work, we were two roly polies, two fatty boom-booms racing each other around every sidewalk corner that was in front of us. Let them laugh, we breathed out aloud.

Today, we have the last laugh. While they’re slumbering comatose-like in front of their TV screens, we’re enjoying our own healthy and most enjoyable home entertainment in the bedroom. Sometimes, we’re doing it in the shower or the kitchen. Other times, in the living room. Why? Because we could. And because it’s healthy and good for you. Just make sure that you’re in a healthy and long-lasting committed relationship with each other.

It’s not our place to advise you further on this. It took us about six months – guys, remember this, if you’re as overweight as we were, it can take as long as this, so just be patient about your business of getting into shape – to start showing visible signs of being healthy . It took us those months to start feeling great too. And it wasn’t just the grunting and groaning and sweaty exercise that got us to this point.

There were other factors that we had to address too. We switched from a fat-enriched, high carbohydrate, high sugar content diet of overeating to a balanced eating plan modeled around what the nutritionists promote as the Mediterranean diet. This also meant that we were never skipping meals. Yes, we were still feeling hunger pangs, but in a healthy sort of way. And when we were hungry, we could eat some more.

Why? Because we could. Only difference was that our snacks were very healthy. In between meals we could nibble on dried fruits and a variety of protein-enriched nuts free of salt. Our high levels of physical activity allowed us to eat like hungry lions and there was no risk of us packing on the calories and fat rolls again. No sweets, chocolates or cakes for us. Uh-uh. And not only did we lose mountains of pounds, we also started to look great too. That is why we now only ever go for a naturally healthy approach in terms of our snacks.

We could now hit the gym and start to tone our muscles to just the way we liked and, of course, to go gaga for each other. Do we brag about this? Not at all. The pair of us got our promotions at work because we became more focused and productive and were able to deliver on our deadlines. Do this for yourself today. Just take one slow walk around the block and see how that makes you feel.