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Guys, thanks for keeping the faith, and thanks for sticking with us at this early stage of our healthy blogging journey with you. We hope that our modest nudging so far has inspired you. Feel free to ask us anything that might be niggling you at this time. If there’s expert info needed, we’ll point you in the right direction if we can. Usually, what will happen is that our content manager – the guy that’s running our blog – will pass on the info you might be after.

It’s free and it’s easy. Try this guys. Before using us to feed you with a spoon, do some of your own homework. Do some reading and research of your own. Go to the internet and use it like there’s no tomorrow. We strongly recommend this for now because you’re going to be inundated with such a wide variety of views, news, issues and opinions. Become a practiced reader so that nothing ever has to confuse you.

Incidentally, you’ll see how everything eventually ties up. Getting healthy and fit doesn’t only need expertise, motivation and research. It also takes common sense and a conscience, something we’ve all been given. Now, before there’s any further time delay, let Steve take over from here. Today he’s going to inspire you briefly on what it means to live a wholly organic life.

Thanks, Sue. Love you too. Okay, guys, it’s like this. I’m going to start in the kitchen and then hit the supermarket shelves, because that’s where most of the familiarity lies for most of you, not so. All the food that you source from your local supermarket, corner deli or country road food-stall should be organic. This basically means that everything that you’ll be buying in the future is natural. It’s also toxic free.

This means that your family’s food is free of harmful chemicals and high levels of sodium and white sugar content. The sodium is the salt. The sugar, the stuff you would normally stir into your coffee, is deceptively hidden and serves no true purpose other than to poison your body with the harmful possibility of contracting obesity and/or diabetes. We are continuing to receive negative vibes about how much more expensive organic food is than so-called normal (processed) food.

Add up your future medical bills and you’ll see that organic food and organic lifestyle habits will be a whole lot cheaper in the long run. For the time being, I recognize and understand that many of you cannot afford those healthy condiments – fresh, naturally produced fruit jams and honey, for instance – or even the fruit and vegetables that have been specifically labeled organic. It won’t be a perfect science, but there’s a way out of this quandary.

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As a healthy and happy couple we are privileged. We’re in an advantageous situation where everything you’re about to read about us is original and hopefully to the point. We’re hoping that our stories will place you in that privileged position too. Guys, note this on your pads for future reference. We’re no preachers. But because we believe in the health and fitness regime – we believe in it because we know that it works, we speak from experience too – we’ve become gentle nudgers.

We want you guys to get on the health and fitness bandwagon because we want you to be happy and healthy like we are today. Let’s not waste any more of your reading time and get straight down to the point. We know that you have got jobs to get back to. We know that many of you have family responsibilities. We also know that your tummies may be grumbling for a nice, greasy pizza or hot and spicy chili dog.

We understand. That’s okay for now. Enjoy it while it lasts. Three months from now you’ll be wondering why did you touch those horrid things in the first place. We’re motivating you today by telling you a little bit about our health and lifestyle habits as they stand. Our privileged position allows us to personalize our blog posts without having to rely too much on what health experts, dieticians and psychologists have to say about getting your life into gear.

From time to time, however, we will be referencing important points for you to use. Anyway, when we started out on our new health and fitness regime, we were the laughing stock of our neighborhood. Heaving and weaving every other evening after work, we were two roly polies, two fatty boom-booms racing each other around every sidewalk corner that was in front of us. Let them laugh, we breathed out aloud.

Today, we have the last laugh. While they’re slumbering comatose-like in front of their TV screens, we’re enjoying our own healthy and most enjoyable home entertainment in the bedroom. Sometimes, we’re doing it in the shower or the kitchen. Other times, in the living room. Why? Because we could. And because it’s healthy and good for you. Just make sure that you’re in a healthy and long-lasting committed relationship with each other.

It’s not our place to advise you further on this. It took us about six months – guys, remember this, if you’re as overweight as we were, it can take as long as this, so just be patient about your business of getting into shape – to start showing visible signs of being healthy . It took us those months to start feeling great too. And it wasn’t just the grunting and groaning and sweaty exercise that got us to this point.

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# Wellness


Even I have to do my homework on this invigorating subject. It is not a taxing one because it really excites me and nothing pleases me more than sharing my enthusiasm for striving towards one hundred percent wellness in our lives. We are not there yet. Nor are we likely to get there. The human remains a fallible creature and will always be prone to making mistakes even at the best of times. There will always be temptations to break with discipline, given how accustomed we all became to our twenty-first century lifestyles, still filled with far too many unwholesome and unhealthy, and even unhappy habits.

Let me just say that I am as layman as you are. I had to rely elsewhere on trying to compose some qualified pointers on what wellness really means. I tend to get emotional at times, just ask Sue, and when it comes to speaking and blog posts, I habitually turn to my healthy heart to emphasise my point. I have no alternative but to continue with that tradition. I feel well in doing this. After I’ve given you my brief, informal impression on wellness, I’m going to be breaking down the rest of this post into sub-headings and highlighting wellness concepts and/or philosophies not often spoken about loudly in physical fitness and healthy kitchen, gardening or whatever circles.

My take on wellness is that it is an all-encompassing attitude towards one’s personal life. And in approaching it in a positive manner it extends to other branches of one’s life. Take Sue and me for instance. I honestly believe that many of the healthy things we’ve managed to achieve, the personal achievements we’ve enjoyed in the last few years, would not have been possible if we were not considerate and supportive towards each other.


Long before I even met Sue, I was a highly strung and highly stressed man. I was a nervous wreck. I cannot tell you what I got up to in order to try and de-stress myself. Apart from being embarrassed, I have to point out that this is essentially a family-friendly blog. Wellness includes and, in fact, emphasises stress reduction techniques which evolve from natural health practices – see Sue’s earlier post on natural health – physical exercise and eating the right foods.


All those years ago, the average American used to mock and ridicule the so-called hippies. Now, I’m not including their indulgences, it’s not something I believe in, in any case, but what I can also say is that the serious adherents were very much in community with nature. The so-called flower power people, also still called tree huggers today, really loved and cared for the environment. Ironically, it is only today that many of us are doing what they were already doing in the sixties and seventies before they were truly ostracised and condemned to the margins of mainstream and, as it turns out, destructive society.


Before I met Sue I was a clerical clock-watcher par excellence. I could not wait for that clock to strike five and knock off and go off to do my favourite unmentionable things. I hated my job and the slow hours that seemed to drag on forever. Today, we often amaze ourselves. Whether we’re doing something together, working alone, or busy in our respective careers, we just can’t believe how quickly the day goes by. This has nothing to do with the phenomenal associations with ageing but more to do with a healthy mind being occupied throughout the day. More importantly, it has much to do with enjoying the things you do.

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Hello, its Sue and Steve here again. We do hope you enjoyed our introductory post on what it means to us to be healthy, strong and fit. More importantly, perhaps, we hope that we’ve managed to begin convincing you that being healthy and fit equates to happiness. We like to believe that we’ve begun to place the emphasis on health partnerships and already believe from experience that it always promotes healthy living.

We’re really looking forward to these next few lines. We’re going to be nudging the exercise buzzer a little bit more in staking the claim that strong and supportive partnerships can make it just a little easier on others who really and truly struggle to motivate themselves to get into shape for a number of perfectly understandable reasons that are influenced by the lifestyles that many of you have either been forced into or became quite complacent with.

Over a great number of years, male and female health and fitness has taken quite a few knocks and blows. This has mainly to do with the training and dietary fads that turned out to be almost impossible for the average blokes and dames to follow.

The old school and caveman-like mentality of no pain, no gain has come and gone for good after having fallen on its glory. That’s mainly because foolhardy and overly ambitious and sometimes vain weight-trainers and marathon runners have come to realize the tragic consequences of overdoing it in the gym and on the road. The worse case scenarios have always led to debilitating injuries that have led to passionate men and women having to give up for good what was initially quite a healthy pursuit.

And those brave men and women who tried to starve themselves towards losing insurmountable pounds are now quite relieved.  Many of them now know that apart from the empowerment that knowledge brings, common sense and experience has shown that they can enjoy most of the healthy foods they love without any fears of ever picking up weight again. That’s also because they’re exercising regularly and their lifestyles are generally quite physically active.

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Creating a healthy balance in life should be one of your most important goals in life. That is the sum of those parts in the sense that when embarking on a new path towards all-encompassing health and fitness, from a previously disadvantaged life of obesity, leading innately sedentary lives and being highly strung and chaotically disorganised in the workplace, it is essential to plan your daily and weekly life forward from the day you decide to start like a well-informed research and development technician.

Of course this does not mean that you are going to be going all scientific. You are not about to become a lab rat, but you are going to be going through some periods of great trial and error, never trials and tribulations as pessimists would have it. Pessimists in general are not healthy people. They already have chaos in their lives and sometimes even choose to dwell in it. Perhaps like some of you (and Steve and me), they do come from traumatised backgrounds of playing catch-up with others who were always in far better shape than we were at the time.

I’d like to make my own small contribution in regard to clearing up the ongoing confusion related to the actual meaning of the phrase ‘health and fitness’. Health and fitness, it must be remembered, are two separate things. Fitness is to do with your physical condition mainly and the exercises that will be followed to help improve your fitness levels. Health, on the other hand, is more in the line of the wellness concept, something which I have been tasked with chatting about in a later post.

Health deals with everything, basically. It deals with your fitness training and physical conditioning targets. And it also deals with the things you must eat to stay in shape and keep your body healthy. More importantly, perhaps, health deals with your inner being. It deals with your mental and spiritual conditioning and to get to the stage where you can declare that you are physically and mentally healthy (and strong) requires a little strategising on your part and ideally with the help of professionals, particularly if you are emerging from a state of morbid obesity and/or illness as a result of unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Balancing health and fitness requirements, particularly if you are doing this for the first time, requires a fine balancing act all on its own. The serious act is not a matter of walking the tightrope. It is a more encouraging process of motivating yourself to set new goals and targets and reassuring yourself that, once those realistic goals have been set, they can be met. You do not need a do or die approach and just remember that the old myth of ‘no pain, no gain’ no longer applies to successful fitness regimes, because strictly speaking, they just don’t work.

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