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An inspirational post for you all, that’s what I’d like to do for you all today. I am quite pleased that, so far, you have all been enjoying our posts. Thanks for all the lovely comments so far, we really appreciate it and it is highly motivating for us too. We like to believe that we are doing something worthwhile and that we are helping out. I had an online chat with my editor the other day and while she expressed her pleasure at our work so far, she wondered whether we could not spoon our readers with more factual information.

Aye that I agreed to do wholeheartedly. There is potential here, I thought. I am resolute with my theme for today. So, here’s what I’ll do. I’m going to juxtapose my own emotions with what others, qualified or as laymen and women, have to say about how to live a great life. I am going to put my neck out here and bet you that after my random reading on what others have to say about the great life we should all be living, health and fitness will come up trumps.

Purely for professional reasons, names will be changed where necessary. So, here goes then. Let’s see what others have to say for a change.


Two or more things settle the score as far as health and fitness are concerned, and in relation to living a great life. Right at the top of Rob’s list of recommendations is; exercise daily. He also says to drink plenty of water and eat less food. And he says one should get up at five am every morning. Well, how about that then. Rob, I fully concur. By eating less food, Rob, of course, does not mean that you are going to be starving yourself from this day forward.

He is merely stating a (hidden) fact that after switching to a wholesomely healthy and balanced diet, you will inevitably end up eating less food. I like Rob’s suggestion on getting up earlier than usual in the morning, but you do not need to take this literally. It may take quite a while for you to adjust your body clock from its usual 7 am rising time to that of 5 in the morning. More importantly, you still need to be sleeping eight hours a night.


Trish seems to be emphasising more on the secrets to having a great life. I cannot see what is so secretive about that. Most of the time, we may have been blinded and the common sense answers were always in front of us. I have only one disagreement with what she said. She seems to believe that one should ditch our goals and focus more on our values. So sorry, Trish, in this day and age, we must have goals in life.

Health and fitness levels can only be improved if you have a visionary but realistic set of goals in front of you to work towards. Values are, of course, still important, but they should coincide with achieving your goals in life. I do, however, like what she had to say about passion. Health and fitness objectives will have successful outcomes if you are passionate about achieving new levels of good health and physical condition.

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It seemed to be a fairly challenging prospect when first thought out, but after we all had a chat about it, our editor, Sue and myself, there really was nothing to it. It was my turn to do the blog posting and so I had to get to work. Sure, no problem, I thought. I felt a bit dim-witted in the sense that while the subject may still be fairly contentious because it is not well-known in general, I had more than enough interest and passion to team up with the knowledgeable expertise to make this post as informative as possible. With that said it’s a great topic to look at when looking at our steps towards achieving optimal health and fitness through our dietary needs.

All I can say, and argue, is that the number of natural health remedies, untried and untested, by conventional living and sedentary folks out there, are numerous. On their side of the argument in some circles has been the saying that using natural healing methods are all old wives’ tales in any case. So, what do they do when they get ill? They turn to their medical doctor for help and dutifully comply with his chemically induced prescription of drugs which may or may not work for them and also carry with it harmful side-effects.

There is a fairly good chance that natural remedies will work. We have found them to be especially effective when coupled with an organic lifestyle. All it takes is for you to try them when that occasion arises. It would be impossible for me to list all of them in this short blog post. So, what I’ve elected to do for now is just take a random list of natural remedies, list them alphabetically with a brief explanation on what they do.


Good for heartburn – While avoiding fatty meat, fried food and sweetened sodas, take the old dictum that an ‘apple a day keeps the doctor away’ to heart. Apples contain healthy acids as well as fibre. These ingredients help to fight back any juices that carry in it too much (unhealthy) acid as a result of all the other foods that are best avoided. Apples absorb stomach acids and help to restore the body’s natural pH levels.


Good for UTI (urinary tract infections) – Cranberries fight back the bacteria that cause UTI. It prevents bacteria from attaching to the bladder walls. It is recommended that as much as two glasses of cranberry juice will help prevent future urinary tract infections.


Good for tired eyes – You must have seen it many times in mostly women’s fashion and beauty magazines. Photographs of women with cucumbers over their eyes. Apart from refreshing tired eyes, it is suggested that cucumbers are a far more effective remedy than plain old ice packs. Cucumber slices only need to be placed lightly over the eyes for ten minutes to be effective. Cucumber is made up of almost one hundred percent water content. Apart from cooling the eyes nicely, it’s cold temperature (straight from the refrigerator) causes blood vessels around the eyes to constrict and helps to reduce inflammations, if any.


Good for menstrual cramps – How about a nice cup of warm ginger tea instead then, love. I can imagine myself saying this to Sue. Listen to this. Ongoing medical research is showing that ginger is as effective as prescribed or over the counter pain killers designed to relieve women of their menstrual pain. The ancient Chinese medical practitioners have been using ginger for more than just the women’s monthly periods. Ginger improves the flow of blood and reduces inflammation in the body’s muscles, particularly those lining the uterus where cramps originate.

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This is going to be a fun post. This was my very first thought as I opened our blog page to begin preparing for this post. Readers, this going to be what we call a roustabout post on food in all its glory, prepared directly from an entirely organic kitchen with lots and lots of love from Sue and Steve, wishing you always, many happy and healthy years of good health, fitness and wellness. Only today Sue is going to be doing all the talking.

Steve is on his rounds for the morning. He is not back yet, but that is not something for me to worry about. I trust him with all my heart. He is usually delayed when some or another business matter crops up unexpectedly or he has bumped into someone worthwhile for having a conversation with. Sometimes his mind wanders and he has an inspirational thought which must be addressed in body, mind and soul straight away lest he should forget it.

No matter how healthy you are a lapse in concentration or a slip of memory does occur from time to time. This is human and is not something to worry about. Right, we are supposed to be having a chat about what is happening my kitchen. I told you it is an organic one. Stating the obvious, this would mean that all, or most of the food, anyway, is wholly organic. Quite right, so far. But there is something else. Not that we are hampered financially, we’re not, but we save a heck of a lot on our electricity bill.

The reason why this is so is because we rely as little as possible on electricity. When we decided to turn our lives around to become fully healthy and fit, part of this exercise, if you pardon the pun, meant living a green life as far as possible. Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you about one of the reasons why Steve would not be held up. He is never, or rarely, delayed by traffic. The reason for this is simple. In our city, we are quite fortunate enough to have our very own bicycle lanes.

Steve zips about on his business with his lightweight chrome and aluminium mountain bicycle. It is also an apparatus which he uses regularly for his weekly exercise regime. I have my set of wheels two. One of our favourite partnerships is our Sunday morning two to three hour cycles outside the city along country roads while the roads are still clean and quiet. I suppose I should also mention the other of our favourite exercise jaunts together.

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We had a row. This, my friends, is a rare occurrence. In fact, our editor observed this about us. She happened to think out aloud that she had never heard us raise our voices to each other. It happens when you are happy and healthy. You have more patience with your co-habitants and you have self-confidence in your personal abilities to project yourself positively and affirmatively towards others when such occasions arise.

Most of those occasions would happen in the workplace. At best, discussions and debates around the boardroom table are lively affairs. They should be, otherwise how could progress be made otherwise. Also, it is quite human to have disagreements every once in a while although it remains an ironic preoccupation for me that most of the time these arguments are quite petty. But granted, it was not the case for us in this instance, many a petty argument has arisen out of bottled up feelings of resentment that had been festering for far too long.

Another observation our editor made about us, sorry Steve, I have to get this off my chest, is that Steve is far too emotional at times while I appear to lean on the more pragmatic and practical side of life. But to his credit, Steve believes in treating everyone fairly and giving merit where and when it is due. In his fairness, he said to me the other day that it was my turn to write a post for you. The subject and theme had already been decided on – forming a wellness strategy.

Being a practical-minded woman, I suggested to Steve that he read research and write the post instead. After all, it was he who broached the subject in an earlier post while I merely introduced this line of thought when giving my brief definition on health. So, here I am. I have to propose a way forward in putting together a wellness strategy. The strategy must include everything from your daily eating habits to how you perform your exercise routines and basically how you conduct yourself generally in life.

No expert on the theoretical and scientific aspects of wellness, I found mostly corporate-orientated strategies which, I felt, weren’t going to work much for us today. So, being the practical-minded person that I am, I decided to give you a motivational post instead. If I’m not very much mistaken, it is fair to say that my days are mostly successful ones because I plan them well in advance. But I am also the first to acknowledge, in all humility, that I do not always have the ready answers for solutions to problems.

And that is where Steve comes in handy most of the time. Most of the time he is giving me hearty motivation and encouragement. Good planning needs quite a bit of introspective thought. Pen and paper should accompany these early pre-planning stages so that you can jot down anything that makes sense to you or happens to knock you out of your seat in a profound way. A good mental planning approach can be accompanied by a checklist.

By assuming that you are of at least average health, age and weight, let us quickly compose a draft plan. There will be no plan B, only forward thinking and a lot of proactive action. You have your notepad and favourite pen handy by now. Now you need both a diary and a journal. The diary will be used to schedule important appointments and events related directly to your wellness strategy and plan of action.

The journal will be used to record your personal, innermost thoughts on how you are feeling each day and each step of the way. The very first step in your wellness exercise will be a visit to your general practitioner. Let us assume that he gives the usual clean bill of health treatment but also with the regular battery of warnings such as losing weight and cutting down on junk food and smoking. At this stage, you already know that there is no such thing.

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As a couple, we perfectly understand the excitement and enthusiasm we encounter among other couples who have just started their wonderful journeys together on their roads to health and fitness. Their excitement has been spurred from the positive sensations they begin to experience together while learning new things together.

One of the most exciting things that couples can and should be doing together is spending time with one another in the kitchen.

Now the coin has been tossed a little higher this time. Now the newly vitalized couple is not just cooking together but they’re conjuring new healthy eating plans for him and her, all based on their own, enthusiastic reading and research which, on many an occasion, they did together. Part of this enjoyable phase of research entailed visiting organic produce markets out and away from the busy hustle and bustle of their urban environments.

Home is where the heart is. We say this truly because we know it. We know this because we’ve experienced it. The heart is healthy and it’s still true that the way to a man’s heart is still through his stomach. Just ask Steve. But as Sue will tell you, there is nothing sexier than watching a man prepare mouthwateringly and nourishing meals for the one he loves. We’ve felt this and we’ve listened to other couples excitingly tell us how turning over a new green leaf has led them to falling in love all over again.

These couples and we have struck up formidable health partnerships that are destined to last a lifetime, although it must be said that being healthy in body and mind does encourage us to adopt a rational and pragmatic approach to life in which case we take nothing for granted. Over and above the euphoria of being healthy is the reality that our bodies and minds will age. But, having been together for a number of years now, we’ve also become quite used to the approaches to life that needs to inform us when adjusting our own exercise regimes and healthy eating plans.

The best way for us to introduce you to preparing and organizing yourself for a lifetime of healthy eating habits and experiences is to, part of the way; demonstrate what we’ve been doing in recent times. For instance, most of the food in our stores is tailored around what we’ll be doing in our active lives and during our training regimes during the week. For instance, if we need to go to the gym tomorrow morning for our twice-weekly weight training sessions, our diet will be focused on protein enrichment by way of our favorite meat dishes, usually made up of lean (red) meat, fish and poultry.

This short demonstration here also shows how we focus on using different food groups which carry specific benefits for our bodies. For example, our fish intake ensures that we get our necessary dose of essential omega three fatty acids, a complex compound of necessary ingredients that the human body quite miraculously cannot produce. Unfortunately, we also have to limit our intake of fish due to the fact that worldwide, fish stocks are quite scarce and in some cases, due to high pollution levels in the sea, fish now has high mercury content.

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