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It seemed to be a fairly challenging prospect when first thought out, but after we all had a chat about it, our editor, Sue and myself, there really was nothing to it. It was my turn to do the blog posting and so I had to get to work. Sure, no problem, I thought. I felt a bit dim-witted in the sense that while the subject may still be fairly contentious because it is not well-known in general, I had more than enough interest and passion to team up with the knowledgeable expertise to make this post as informative as possible. With that said it’s a great topic to look at when looking at our steps towards achieving optimal health and fitness through our dietary needs.

All I can say, and argue, is that the number of natural health remedies, untried and untested, by conventional living and sedentary folks out there, are numerous. On their side of the argument in some circles has been the saying that using natural healing methods are all old wives’ tales in any case. So, what do they do when they get ill? They turn to their medical doctor for help and dutifully comply with his chemically induced prescription of drugs which may or may not work for them and also carry with it harmful side-effects.

There is a fairly good chance that natural remedies will work. We have found them to be especially effective when coupled with an organic lifestyle. All it takes is for you to try them when that occasion arises. It would be impossible for me to list all of them in this short blog post. So, what I’ve elected to do for now is just take a random list of natural remedies, list them alphabetically with a brief explanation on what they do.


Good for heartburn – While avoiding fatty meat, fried food and sweetened sodas, take the old dictum that an ‘apple a day keeps the doctor away’ to heart. Apples contain healthy acids as well as fibre. These ingredients help to fight back any juices that carry in it too much (unhealthy) acid as a result of all the other foods that are best avoided. Apples absorb stomach acids and help to restore the body’s natural pH levels.


Good for UTI (urinary tract infections) – Cranberries fight back the bacteria that cause UTI. It prevents bacteria from attaching to the bladder walls. It is recommended that as much as two glasses of cranberry juice will help prevent future urinary tract infections.


Good for tired eyes – You must have seen it many times in mostly women’s fashion and beauty magazines. Photographs of women with cucumbers over their eyes. Apart from refreshing tired eyes, it is suggested that cucumbers are a far more effective remedy than plain old ice packs. Cucumber slices only need to be placed lightly over the eyes for ten minutes to be effective. Cucumber is made up of almost one hundred percent water content. Apart from cooling the eyes nicely, it’s cold temperature (straight from the refrigerator) causes blood vessels around the eyes to constrict and helps to reduce inflammations, if any.


Good for menstrual cramps – How about a nice cup of warm ginger tea instead then, love. I can imagine myself saying this to Sue. Listen to this. Ongoing medical research is showing that ginger is as effective as prescribed or over the counter pain killers designed to relieve women of their menstrual pain. The ancient Chinese medical practitioners have been using ginger for more than just the women’s monthly periods. Ginger improves the flow of blood and reduces inflammation in the body’s muscles, particularly those lining the uterus where cramps originate.


Good for eczema – Those of you who essentially like to relax, not in a lazy way, mind you but more on the side of de-stressing yourself from a long, hard day of work, are going to love this remedy. As an effective remedy, it invites some relaxation on your part in any event. There are two suggested treatments that may just work. If they don’t, and natural remedies won’t always solve problems, particularly when they are extreme, do seek out medical help.

I say this in spite of what I said earlier about my old-fashioned reservations about popping pills and its side effects. Oatmeal is a wonderful antidote for calming an itchy and/or inflamed skin. It’s also part of a great breakfast. The below-mentioned remedy of prunes goes nicely with the oats. Oatmeal is able to soothe the skin because it is loaded with phytochemicals that all have anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Skin treatment – Use one quarter cup of oatmeal and sufficient water to create a paste. Apply the paste directly to the skin and leave it on for at least ten minutes.
  • Bath treatment – Grind one third unflavoured oatmeal until it is fine. Pour this fine powder into a lukewarm bath and then stir until it coagulates into a milky white solution. And then immerse yourself in the bath, relax and enjoy yourself.PRUNESGood for constipation – I am not sure why, because I love them, but prunes are not the good fruits for everyone. Not everyone likes them. The good thing about this remedy is that you only need two a day. One doctor has gone on to suggest that the natural prune is a far more effective laxative than prescribed medication and over the counter laxatives. He affirms that the body becomes ‘desensitised’ to these pharmaceutical products.Prunes are rich in fibre. It is insoluble and does not dissolve in water. It encourages more bulk in the stomach, helping to push up waste through the digestive system. Now folks, I am all for enjoying the most important meal of the day. Breakfast. Oatmeal, prunes and a tablespoonful of honey is delicious. Sue, a nice cup of ginger tea soothes the way for you. But, ladies and gents, I would not recommend going for a run too soon after you’ve had this breakfast.Unless, of course, there happen to be some nice cosy bushes nearby in which to relieve yourself. Oh, and don’t forget your vitamin-enriched orange juice. It keeps colds away.