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Hello everybody, its Sue here. Guys, I almost apologized, but then I remembered that we are all scattered across the earth in different time zones. So, however long I thought I delayed our next published post to you it was actually inconsequential in the sense that you are all reading our posts at different times of your day that suit you best. It is always hoped that you are doing your reading when you are at your most relaxed after a long and hard day at work.

That brings me to the point I’d like to make about health in general. It’s philosophical, really. It is, of course, always my (or our) point of view that is being put forward in this personal space, but you will find that the more extensive your internet and book reading is, the more likely you are to find similar views being expressed. Who knows, perhaps some of you have similar views. And whether or not they are similar, differ, or wholly disagree with what we have said, you are more than welcome to share it with us here.

My thought began with a universal question. Why are poor people so unhealthy? I’m going to look beyond the obvious here. Yes, we are all in agreement and should know this well by now; poor people generally don’t have enough to eat during the day. If the poorest of the poor have any luck during their hard days, then they are only sharing one meal a day. But, do you know what, poor people, the one’s that do at least have jobs to go to every morning, can be healthy.

They can look after themselves without much input from those perceived to have knowledge of the matter. One of the things lacking in poor people’s lives is the matter of literacy. Many poor folks do have TV sets in their homes, and here it gets interesting because some of you, or is it many of you, should be able to relate to this, and after a hard day at work, they spend the rest of the night watching TV. Because of their low illiteracy levels, they bypass meaningful programmes, documentaries, talk shows and self-help guides, in favour of action movies, maniacal wrestling shows and sports.

Most of the working poor have had a basic education and can read and write. After all, many of them have to do some of this during their working day. I keep on hoping that someday, instead of glossing over trashy tabloids, they would take an interest in more serious matters such as health and fitness. And in any case, folks don’t even need access to the library and books to empower themselves with the basic knowledge required to get into shape and provide their children with healthy meals every day.

My husband has argued the point on many occasions where food is concerned that organic food never needs to be expensive. So, the poor folks cannot afford the pretentiously high prices of organic foodstuffs sourced sustainably (allegedly). That should not deter them. Simply make space in the kitchen if there isn’t a fertile yard in which to do this, and plant your own vegetables. Yes, that goes for all of us, really.

If I had to show you our grocery bills these days, you could fall off your chair. In the long run, junk food and processed food, and pesticide coated fruit and vegetables cost a whole lot more than organic food. And whether poor or not, the more active you are during your day (excluding the time spent at work) the healthier you are likely to become. I can broaden the category of poor people to include those who are classed from low to middle income earners. They would much rather spend money on housekeeping help, spend too much on wasted electricity, dishwashers and even washing machines, than actually doing their chores themselves naturally and holistically. While doing some washing by hand, ironically the poorest of the poor have no alternative but to do this, arms and legs are getting a good work out.

Sweeping with a well-bristled broom provides both husband and wife, boys and girls with even more of a vigorous workout, provided the housework is done with a great deal of vim and vigour, as the saying goes. I’m just looking at the time and I am happy to say that I have more time and space with this post today. I have it within me to clear the decks and give you guys, those of you who need some more pepping, a little bit more encouragement to get your bums, arms and legs moving. This is just to say that there simply is no excuse for not getting into shape.

You do not need a lot of money for this either. You do not need to spend a fortune on an expensive gym membership. None of this, and other extravagant forms of exercising, is even necessary when you can do most of your exercising right in your living room or backyard. The physical and natural strain you place on your body with your body being your weights is highly effective in invigorating your cardiovascular levels to a healthy state.

Wonderful. If I can inspire myself to great lengths, I am confident that you can too. Come on; go for it ladies and gentlemen.