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This is going to be a fun post. This was my very first thought as I opened our blog page to begin preparing for this post. Readers, this going to be what we call a roustabout post on food in all its glory, prepared directly from an entirely organic kitchen with lots and lots of love from Sue and Steve, wishing you always, many happy and healthy years of good health, fitness and wellness. Only today Sue is going to be doing all the talking.

Steve is on his rounds for the morning. He is not back yet, but that is not something for me to worry about. I trust him with all my heart. He is usually delayed when some or another business matter crops up unexpectedly or he has bumped into someone worthwhile for having a conversation with. Sometimes his mind wanders and he has an inspirational thought which must be addressed in body, mind and soul straight away lest he should forget it.

No matter how healthy you are a lapse in concentration or a slip of memory does occur from time to time. This is human and is not something to worry about. Right, we are supposed to be having a chat about what is happening my kitchen. I told you it is an organic one. Stating the obvious, this would mean that all, or most of the food, anyway, is wholly organic. Quite right, so far. But there is something else. Not that we are hampered financially, we’re not, but we save a heck of a lot on our electricity bill.

The reason why this is so is because we rely as little as possible on electricity. When we decided to turn our lives around to become fully healthy and fit, part of this exercise, if you pardon the pun, meant living a green life as far as possible. Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you about one of the reasons why Steve would not be held up. He is never, or rarely, delayed by traffic. The reason for this is simple. In our city, we are quite fortunate enough to have our very own bicycle lanes.

Steve zips about on his business with his lightweight chrome and aluminium mountain bicycle. It is also an apparatus which he uses regularly for his weekly exercise regime. I have my set of wheels two. One of our favourite partnerships is our Sunday morning two to three hour cycles outside the city along country roads while the roads are still clean and quiet. I suppose I should also mention the other of our favourite exercise jaunts together.

On our so-called rest days we enjoy our leisurely strolls through our city’s botanical gardens. Just to keep in touch with each other both physically and emotionally, and without saying a word, we hold hands. Lovely, isn’t it? I have no dishwasher in my kitchen. What for? I wash my own dishes by hand, Steve dries when he is with me, and I only use organic dishwashing liquid. As I said, we don’t have financial concerns at the moment, but it is still a tetchy subject.

We still discuss and debate as to why organic products, from the dishwashing liquid I use, to our bathroom toiletries and to our food in the kitchen, along with its condiments, are so much more expensive than the conventional products sitting on our supermarket shelves. I do hope someday that this is a subject that can be addressed by all stakeholders and nipped in the bud so that it becomes all fair and square for the financially constrained consumer out there.

In the meantime, they can still save themselves and their environment by planting their own organic vegetables. Just a small piece of fertile land is all that is required to start producing. Also, they should consider selling the unnecessary dishwasher and replacing it with a state of the art juicing machine to prepare their own fruit and vegetable juices and fruity yoghurt smoothies with. The investment will cost initially but in the long-term, the healthy appliance does not suck up much energy. Rather, it creates and increases energy levels for the folks that use it.