How to Play Bigger and Better

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Kyle MacDonald

This guy’s story from 2006 is such an amazing display of what I’d normally call, “thinking outside the box.” But maybe that’s only my perspective, and you’ve already been expanding your life for years now. This was outside to me… Anyway, it’s this game he used to play with his pals as a kid in Montreal. He made a decision to keep trading up ’til he had a house. Bigger and Better was the name of that trading game he played as a child… and he took it up a few notches.

I love that he always seems genuinely grateful for every new trade. To me, the whole story is fantastically playful. And it establishes a possibility that the Law of Attraction was attracting his next item into his life. It’s just cool. Enjoy.

Craig’s List rocks.

Do you remember this story? It’s actually pretty amazing.

Can you get outside your box like this?

I know you can.


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